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Vaping Tricks: Top 7 Vaping Tricks and How to Do Them

Girl performing vaping tricks
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Ahh, the wonders of vaping tricks. By now, you’ve likely seen many as they are very common in movies, Instagram, youtube videos, and at parties. They consist of a mix of lip formations, vapour control, and skills. The white vapour produced by vaping is perfect for tricks seeing as it is easier to control. It is also a lot easier to see. If you’re new to vaping, learn more about what vaping really is here. Mastering the art of vaping tricks is not easy, but with a little patience and determination it is very possible. Read through this list and pick out the ones that seem the coolest to you. Then, get on youtube or in front of a mirror. Watch what you’re doing, and practice practice practice. It’ll be easy to feel like you just can’t do it and want to quit, but persistence will get you there. If you search up any of these tricks on youtube you’ll be sure to find easy to follow tutorials. Enjoy and get ready to become the life of the party and a star on Instagram!

1. The basics of vaping tricks: The Ghost Inhale 

The ghost inhale is at the top of the list because it is probably the best first trick to teach yourself. It will require patience, practice, and a bit of youtube video watching. Mainly because it is the first trick you are performing, and you’ll have to get used to controlling the vapour. You also have to get used to the feeling of keeping it in your throat and mouth. If you don’t know what the ghost inhale is, it is basically a trick that makes it look like a little ghost quickly appeared outside your mouth (the vapour). To perform it you need to take in quite a bit of vapour. Keep it in your mouth for a bit. Then, quickly push out as much of it from your mouth as you can, in the shape of a little ball. Immediately after, suck the air back in. This should be a quick and sharp inhale. The result will be a quick disappearing cloud of smoke that resembles a ghost.

2. The Majestic Dragon 

Perfecting The Dragon takes a bit of practicing, but it isn’t the hardest trick out there. It’ll make you look like an awesome creature and will definitely impress. Basically this trick requires you to exhale smoke from four different holes on your face. This may sound complicated, but in reality it is fairly simple. To start off, take in quite some vapour. Next, when your mouth is full of smoke, force vapour out of your nose. At the same time open up holes on both sides of your lips, leaving the middle shut, and blow vapour out through there as well. Sounds simple right? Go give it a try.

3. Blowing Vapour Soap Bubbles

If you haven’t seen videos of this before, go check them out! Basically, this trick will result in soap bubbles filled with clean white vapour and will look absolutely magical. The best part? You get to pop them and see the vapour disappear. You’ll definitely be the most entertaining person at any party (just remember to take some dish soap with you haha). For this one you’ll need some other materials. You can basically choose any cylindrical open ended object you can find. We suggest small toilet rolls (without the paper please) or a small plastic bottle with the ends cut off. Mix some hand/dish soap with some water in a small container. Dip whatever you chose as your “cylindrical” object into the mixture, until a thin layer of soap forms at the end. This should look like the ends of bubble blowers that kids have. Inhale vapour into your mouth, and slowly exhale into the non-soapy end of the toilet roll/bottle. This should create a vapour filled little bubble. Have fun!

4. Traditional Smoke Rings 

Here we’re faced with yet another of the traditional vaping tricks. Smoke rings have been around for a long time and are definitely here to stay. You should know what these look like, but if you don’t: they’re rings of vapour. These can come in many in a row or a single one. Mastering this trick can by tricky (pun intended) but again it is definitely worthwhile and impressive. You’ll need a youtube tutorial for guidance on this one, and a lot of patience. Mastering this trick also insures you have the basics for many other more advanced vaping tricks, so if you’re planning on getting good start with this one.

To perform it you’ll need to inhale from your vape into your throat. Press your tongue back and down, so that it is laying low in your mouth and pressed back. Make your lips form an O shape. You’ll need to perfect this in the mirror. Push a small amount of vapour out. To do this properly, use your throat to push the air out through the O shape in short, pulsing motions. Try to pretend like your coughing subtly, using the back of your throat. You’ll really need to keep trying and prating for this one, but you’ll get there eventually!

5. The Waterfall

The Waterfall is one of those vaping tricks which requires a surface. It is fairly simple and fun to execute. Basically, you will be pouring vapour out of a bottle as if it is water onto a surface. Check youtube out for this one. It turns your vapour into a heavy floating white substance, and it really is magical. To do this, you’ll need to freeze some water at a bottom of a plastic water bottle. Inhale some vapour from your vape, and exhale it into the bottle. Little sit for 5 seconds, and then pour it out as if it was water. Watch the magic happen.

6. Double Rings 

Once you’ve mastered the traditional single rings, as mentioned above, you’ll be able to perform an array of new vaping tricks. One of these new tricks are Double Rings (and you can even evolve to Triple Rings later). This involves the same back-of-the-throat technique as the single rings, but you’ll be creating two rings per puff. This trick not only looks super impressive, but allows you to do a lot more things with your vapour. The best part is that it is fairly simple to perform once you’ve gotten a hold of the single rings. To do this trick, place a finger over the middle of your mouth. Then press and pull down slightly on your top lip. This is done to split your mouth opening into two distinct sections. Both these sections should still slightly resemble Os. That’s basically it!

7. The Tornado 

Last but not least on this list of vaping tricks is the tornado. The Tornado, like The Waterfall, requires a surface. It is also fairly easy to perform once you get a hold of it. Basically, you’ll be creating what will look like a little tornado on a flat surface. First, inhale some vapor and exhale a good amount of vapour onto a flat surface (like a clean, empty table surface). Then, chop the surface with your hand, flick your wrist up and quickly raise your arm. This should all be one fast and agile movement. Your best bet is to check out youtube to perfect it. Keep practicing, and you’ll soon be creating tornados of your very own!

Good luck I hope you learned some vaping tricks!

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