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How to Vape: 5 Tips to Make the Best Out of Your Vaping Experience

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Learning how to vape properly is the first step towards an incredible vaping experience. Before you start reading this article, we highly recommend reading the article on what vaping is. If you are just starting out in the world of vaping, there can be a lot to wrap your head around. Different devices, different e-juices, the list is endless. By reading about what vaping is, it is easier to understand a lot more about the things mentioned in this article.

One of the best advices we can give you on how to vape properly is to have the best equipment for you. We go in depth about how to choose the right e-juice in this article, so now we will be focusing on how to choose the correct device. However, if you haven’t informed yourself on e-juice and how to choose it, start off by reading that article. The e-juice you choose is a very important component in ensuring you have a great experience. Even choosing the right flavour will make a huge difference!

1. Choose the best vaping equipment and e-juice for you

To be able to choose the right equipment for you there are some things you need to consider. The first is how long you would like your equipment to last. Also consider how much money you are willing to invest on your equipment, and how much/little maintenance you would like it to require. It is all up to you and your interests. Below we will discuss box mods (the more intricate of this list), vape pens, and cigalikes.

  • Box mods — box modes are rectangularly looking little “boxes” composed of several pieces you will use and maintain in order to vape. Some of these come in starter kits, including everything you need to start vaping. Most of them have built in batteries. They usually have refillable tanks for your e-juice and usually require quite a bit of maintenance. They are a great investment, so don’t let the complexity of some intimidate you. Just make sure you get a starter kit if it is your first so that you learn how to vape with it properly.
  • Vape pens —  vape pens look exactly how they sound, like cylindrical and slightly thicker pens. They have quite a long battery life, although not as much as many box mods. The advantage is that they are slightly easier to maintain. Some vape pens come with tanks that are pre-filled. Others (usually more common) have refillable tanks.
  • Cigalikes — You guessed it! These are small devices that look a lot like real cigarettes. They are the cheapest because they are usually not very durable. They are very simple, usually turning on by a simple drag (no buttons or other parts).

2. Read the manual that comes with your device (if appropriate)

The second best piece of advice we can give you on how to vape properly ties in with our previous point very well. Many of these devices (excluding usually cigalikes) come with user manuals. It is especially important that you read them carefully in the case of starter kits. This is because box mods in particular may come with pieces you need to assemble, and doing so incorrectly could cause you to ruin your equipment without even getting to try it once. An example of this is pressing the “on” or “fire” button without any juice in the tank. This could instantly destroy the small coil head in your device, causing it to burn. Misassembling your device or putting juice/water where it does not belong could also result in damage to you or your device.

The user manual also contains instructions on how to clean and maintain your device. Failing to do this may cause your device to get very smelly or in worst case scenarios, stop working. You also want to make sure you don’t clean it with any products you shouldn’t use, or put water in areas that shouldn’t be in contact with water.

3. Learn how to vape by learning to inhale properly 

The third best piece of advice we can give you is to learn the different types of inhales. Most importantly, however, is that you learn how to inhale properly. Place your mouth on the mouthpiece and take a small drag, to get used to the sensation of the vapour in your mouth and lungs. Let the vapour out slowly. Once you get a feel for how easily the vapour slides down your throat and into your lungs you will know how much to inhale with each drag. This may take a while to get used to, so start off slow.

Do not panic if you cough, sneeze, or if your throat feels a little funny; it just takes some getting used to. If your vaping device has power settings, keep them at the lowest to start off with. If not, make sure to take small puffs at first. To make your life a little easier, here are the two ways of inhaling:

Inhaling directly to your lungs — if you have ever smoked from a bong or a waterpipe, you will be familiar with this method. This method requires you to inhale the vapour directly into your lungs. If you prefer inhaling like this you may have to opt for better devices, as this requires higher settings.

Inhaling first to your mouth, then to the lungs — this is the most common method, traditionally used by cigarette smokers. First you  inhale the vapour into your mouth, and then allow it to flow to your lungs. This is easier to do if your device has lower settings, but can be done with all devices.

4. Learn some tricks

This one is not necessarily a how to vape piece of advice, but more a how to use your vape more creatively. Even though you can read all about this in depth in this article, we included tricks in this list. This is because vaping is one of the safest ways to perform tricks with “smoke.” The vapour produced by your vape is white, easy to see, and easier to control than cigarette smoke. Some tricks that you can teach yourself include rings, table tricks, and balls of smoke. However, the more you practice, the cooler the tricks you’ll be able to perform.

5. Clean your equipment (and replace things if necessary)

Last but not least, and this was already mentioned before, is to make sure you clean and store your vaping material properly. This advice on how to vape is essential in order to ensure you have a great experience every time. Make sure you familiarise yourself with your device by reading the manual first. Remember that many tanks (as well as other refillable devices) need you to install new coil heads (the little pieces that turn your juice into vapour). This is typically a very simple thing to do, but can be tricky if you don’t know your device well.

Make sure to refill your tank with e-juice or to empty it depending on what your next usage will look like. The mouthpiece is also where the most germs can accumulate, so you need to keep it clean. There are proper products to clean these which you can buy at vaping stores, but usually a warm water rinse will do the trick just fine. Make sure to unscrew any electronic parts which may get ruined if they get in contact with water. If your device doesn’t disconnect, be extra careful. A small drop of water could be enough to render your equipment useless, and warranties won’t help you if they find water in the device. Make sure to dry it off well in the end.

We hope this guide on how to vape helped you out! Happy vaping!

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