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Top 8 Most Common & Delicious E-Juice Flavours

E-Juice Flavours
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Top 8 Most Common & Delicious E-Juice Flavours 

Whether you are looking for new flavours to try out for the summer, or just want to expand your current collection, e-juice flavours can make or break your vaping experience. With so many different flavours out there, it can get hard to choose. In this article we have complied a list of 8 flavours, which despite not being very specific, can give you a general idea of what the most commonly chosen flavours are, and what you can usually expect from them.

If you are fairly new to the vaping game, make sure to read up on what vaping really is here and learn more about e-juices in this article here. At VapeBlock, we carry all of these flavours, and in countless varieties. Check if your favourite brand has them with our app, which you can download from the sidebar! Keep in mind that this list is in no particular order.

So let’s get started:

1. Strawberry

First up on this list is the e-juice flavour strawberry. The strawberry flavour was one of the first flavours to come around, and for obvious reasons. The e-juice flavour of strawberry has a subtly sweet strawberry taste. It releases an extremely pleasant strawberry aroma through the vape. You can find this flavour in various different mixtures, from Strawberry Cheesecake, to Strawberry Cocktails and many more. Strawberry is a go to flavour for beginners because the taste is not very strong (in most cases) and is very pleasant (if you like strawberries, that is). It is also a flavour which goes very well with the warmer summer months.

2. Mint

Next up on our e-juice flavours list is mint. Mint is an all-around very popular flavour for gum and even cigarettes. However in vape, it gets even better! It allows you to smell fresh, which is great for the summer as well. You can find this flavour in simple mint types, Mint Bubble Gum type juices (which usually are a little sweeter, but not too much) and a million other combinations. Just use your imagination and it probably exists. The reason we recommend mint, and why so many other people like it, is that on the contrary to other flavours, it does not stray too far away from the real taste of mint. If you like mint bubble gum or mint cigarettes, this flavour no matter the brand you choose will very likely not disappoint you.

3. Coffee

Maybe you were not expecting this, but one of the e-juice flavours we are featuring on this article is coffee. Maybe you have heard about how vaping is helping cigarette smokers quit (if you want to know why, check this article here). But for some other people, coffee flavoured e-juices are helping them kick their caffeine habits too! Others simply enjoy vaping after their daily coffee, and enjoy that the flavour is identical to the left-over “coffee taste” in their mouth. To others, it even gives a placebo caffeine effect! Once again, you can find coffee flavours of all types, including coffee-chocolate combinations.

4. Banana 

Banana flavoured e-juices are also a big favourite amongst vapers. They tend to be a little sweeter than the other flavours, seeing as mostly vapers by banana combination flavours. These combinations can include everything from smoothies and banana splits, to banana-chocolate. Once again, the opportunities are endless. The banana vapour releases a very pleasant smell as well.

5. Tropical fruits

Seeing as we did not want to make this e-juice flavours list/article endless, we compiled the remaining “fruit types” into the category Tropical Fruits. These include passion fruit, mango, coconuts, and many more. The tastes and smells very from flavour to flavour, but are usually true to the fruit. The passion fruit e-juices, for example, leave a tangy-sweet taste in your mouth like the actual fruit. Once again, you can also find combinations or “cocktails” of these in various forms. You can also purchase “tropical fruit” flavours, which combine many of these fruits together in one. Feel free to browse through our app to discover more about some of these.

6. Cotton Candy 

This e-juice flavour helps you relive your childhood. No matter what colour cotton candy you used to choose as a kid, this flavour will mostly always live up to your expectations. The advantage? No sticky fingers! Cotton candy e-juices tend to be quite sweet, so if you don’t particularly enjoy that they may not be for you. You should always try it before you decide though! The smell of the vapour for this e-juice reminds you of Carnaval and plastic-coin rides, and is a great flavour for the summer! The combinations people have created of cotton candy e-juice flavours are seriously endless! Look out for the unicorn ones, those are incredible! (But I love unicorns, so I may be biased).

7. Cakes

Everyone who is a sweet-tooth will eventually end up with a cake-flavoured e-juice as a part of their collection. From fruits to chocolates to whatever you can imagine, it exists and its amazing! Some can be quite sweet, while others not at all, it really depends on the taste. I once had a raspberry cake flavoured e-juice and it was to die for!

8. Chocolate 

Chocolate e-juice flavours have made their debut in combination with other flavours on this list already, but we thought we would mention it once again. For chocolate lovers on a diet, this is a definite must (you still taste it, sans the high calories). I personally love the chocolate flavoured e-juices usually in combination with other flavours, but I also enjoy it alone. Once again, the combinations are pretty much endless, but most people who try chocolate end up finding their perfect e-juice and adding it to their collection!

So there you have it! Use this list for inspiration to find and try out new flavours, and let us know in the comments below if you have any other suggestions! Remember to use the sidebar to download our app onto your Apple or Android product and discover many more flavours, tailored to your likes, weekly!

Happy vaping with your new e-juice flavours!

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