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5 Reasons Why Vaping is Safer Than Smoking | Stop Smoking and Start Vaping

Stop Smoking Start Vaping, Why Vaping is Safer Than Smoking
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Interested in vaping but not sure whether it is worth the switch? Let us teach you all about why vaping is safer than smoking.

1) Studies show that vaping is a great aid for those looking to stop smoking traditional cigarettes

The American Heart Association recently published an opinion for the first time on e-cigarettes recently. They stated that vaping is safer than smoking and is especially useful to those who want to quit smoking. The AHA said that vaping presents “an opportunity for harm reduction if smokers use them as substitutes for cigarettes.”

The main reason why they are such a good tool is that e-cigarettes allow you to choose the amount of nicotine in the e-juice you buy. Heavier smokers can choose to start with a concentration of 18mg of nicotine. Then, reduce it to 6mg (or 0mg) over time. This eliminates the bad side effects that come with drastically quitting smoking, and suddenly depriving your body of nicotine.

For this to work, you should vape as often throughout the day as you would smoke, to insure smoother results. Some other expert tips include keeping a spreadsheet to track your progress with the nicotine reduction. Overall, you can still indulge in your guilty-pleasure whilst enjoying a great range of flavours. All whilst knowing you are helping your own body be healthier, making vaping safer than smoking.

Joel Harmone owns his own vaping store for two years now. He noticed that “those who quit smoking and vape daily are typically the ones who end of kicking the habit.”

2) Vaping allows you to regulate the ingredients you consume, making vaping safer than smoking

Vaporisers or box mods allow users to choose their own e-juice. Choosing the correct e-juice is important both regarding flavours and throat hit but also because of their ingredients. You can read more about how to choose the perfect e-juice by reading our article on this topic here. Normal cigarettes contain harmful ingredients, most of which you will not be able to understand or regulate. By picking out your juice, you can not only control nicotine levels but also flavouring ingredients, PG, and VG levels.

When you go to your favourite vape store, make sure to ask the people who work there for help and advice. This way, you’ll end up with the perfect product for you. Many stores will let you sample flavours. They will gladly tell you all you need to know about the products you are going to buy. This includes choosing the right vaporiser or box mod for you and all your vaping needs.

3) Nicotine-free e-juices exist, and if you choose them you can vape sans the nicotine addiction

Did you know that it is possible to smoke without consuming nicotine? If you choose to vape, you are choosing to control what you consume. You can even choose to go nicotine-free! This allows those of you who simply like to enjoy the flavours of vaping or to perform tricks with the vapour to choose the zero-nicotine option.

The vapour that vaping emits is very white and easy to see, so it is perfect to perform tricks with. If you are interested, there are hundreds of youtube tutorials on how to perform these tricks. When you choose vape smoke  it will not only be easier to control (the smoke feels a lot smoother on your throat) but also easier to see. It is also a lot safer for your body. If you vape to perform tricks, make sure you choose your e-juice well. Opt for a nicotine-free version to ensure that your hobby does not become harmful for your body by making you crave nicotine.

4) Recent studies have shown that as opposed to second-hand smoke from cigarettes, second-hand vapour is harmless

Everyone has heard of the harmful effects that cigarette second-hand smoke can have on our loved ones. Studies now show that second-hand vapour a lot less harmful. Some even suggest that it is virtually non-existent.

BMC Central published a study in 2014 that showed that “There was no evidence of potential for exposures of e-cigarette users to contaminants that are associated with risk to health at a level that would warrant attention.” This means that when you look at the requirements for air quality in a workplace, second-hand vapour affects it by less than 1%. In contrast, the second-hand smoke from cigarettes is scientifically proven to be extremely detrimental to everyone around you, and especially to younger children.

Smoking cigarettes near children can not only be extremely harmful, but also potentially deadly. Vaping, on the other hand, is proving to be so harmless that there are now on-going debates on whether to allow vaping in no-smoking areas. One of the biggest reasons why this debate is still ongoing is due to the fact that vaping emits (very delightful) flavour smells, but this is a matter of not causing a small inconvenience to others as opposed to health concerns.

If you live in a house with children or enjoy smoking in public areas where your second-hand smoke can be harming others, switch to vaping. Vaping is safer than smoking for you, and everyone around you.

5) Most of the harm from smoking cigarettes comes from the burning and inhaling of smoke

Finally, the release of thousands of chemicals through the burn involved in smoking is the worst aspect of smoking cigarettes, proven by recent studies. Vaping is safer than smoking seeing as vaping doesn’t involve burning, so these harmful toxins are no longer an issue.

In 2015, Public Health England published a review that estimated that vaping is safer than smoking by a 95% margin. That makes vaping 95% less harmful than smoking actual cigarettes. These type of results are starting to emerge from research facilities all over the world. This includes a new study by Neal Benowitz (MD) who is a nicotine researcher at the University of San Francisco.

We hope you choose the safer option for yourself and others and switch to your vaping adventure today! Happy vaping!

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