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4 Best Tips for Buying E-Juice

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4 Best Tips for Buying E-Juice

Whether you are just starting with e-cigarettes or have experience, buying the perfect e-juice for you is important. Not just for your health but also to make sure you love your experience. We are here to help you by providing you with the 4 best tips for buying e-juice.

If you are just starting it is important to keep in mind the differences between a regular cigarette (which you purchase “ready to go”) and an e-cigarette. An e-cigarette involves several bits and pieces, as well as maintenance. Allow yourself a time to get used to your new e-cigarrete, which could take up to one month, and you will experience all the perks of vaping. To help you with this process, here are out 4 best tips for buying e-juice. Happy vaping!

1. One of the best tips for buying e-juice is to know what your are buying!

best tips for buying e-juice

Would you trust food with no expiration date or with no ingredients list? Then apply the same rules to your e-juice. Most brands of e-juice have a website or information about how and where their products are made, and these facts can make you safer.

Even if you are not using e-cigarettes to reduce your nicotine consumption, ask for those nicotine levels as well as other levels such as PG/VG levels. Did you know that it is possible that you could be allergic to PG? Would you eat walnuts if you were allergic to them? If the answer is no, stay safe and follow our tips for buying e-juice by informing yourself both about the ingredients and your body’s tolerance of them.

Aim for a nicotine level of 3mg so that your body doesn’t get too dependant on it (and your love for performing vaping tricks may not turn into a full time habit). If you have and want to reduce the amount of nicotine your body needs, start with 12mg and slowly reduce it to 3mg as fast or as slow as you need to.

2. Judge a book by its cover and look at the packaging! It matters a lot more than you think, and is another one of the best tips for buying e-juice.

You’ve probably already heard about how you are not supposed to leave water bottles exposed to the sun, but do you know why? Plastic found in objects such as bottles contain a chemical known as BPA, which is very bad for you and has inspired the transition of a lot of products from a plastic bottle to a glass bottle. The same trend has been adopted by some e-juice producers, and you should pay attention to this as it is one of the most important tips for buying e-juice.

A glass composition allows for a more thorough sterilisation, meaning glass bottles are more hygienic. If you care about helping the environment, glass is also a lot more easy to recycle than plastic, and it also lasts longer on the shelves. Brands that work with glass bottles and have professional looking labels (with all the information mentioned above) are more trust-worthy. They are bigger in size and therefore have more resources to allocate to things like packaging, which plays a role on the quality of the e-juice.

If you live somewhere where children have easy access to your things, buy bottles with child proof caps. Another advantage is that e-juice with special caps is produced in high-tech labs. Only high-tech labs can produce bottles with this type of cap. This way you know no one messed with them, which makes them safer.

best tips for buying e-juice

3. Choose carefully the flavour of your e-juice, until you find one that tastes great and has the perfect throat hit.

We know its tempting to choose the flavour first, and then check for ingredients. This is a perfectly good way of choosing your e-juice, but don’t settle for the first flavour you like. Keep trying out new ones, or look for brands that provide the flavour you love with different ingredient levels. The selection is enormous: everything from cotton candy, to apple, to mint is available. We know it’s overwhelming, but it can also be a lot of fun to try different flavours.

4. Make sure that after you find your perfect flavour you get the best price for your money.

You might not be willing to bulk buy yet, which is why we suggest you buy small portions at first. Many brands actually over small “test” bottles before making you commit to a full-size. Once you find your ideal e-juice, check for any “bulk” packages. It may seem expensive at first, but long term it is worth it. Some brands offer subscription programs where your product is delivered at your tips for buying e-juice

Happy vaping and we hope our tips for buying e-juice make your vaping experience better.

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